EP70 is in, kicking off with the massive rolling and dark “Go” by Distek. Kev D is up next with a moody and deep techno-groove with big bass and hypnotic synths. Maxx & 3Phazegenerator “In Motion” is faster paced while G8 closes off the EP with his “Santa on Prozac” a typical hardgroove banger with a summery feel to it. Something for hardgroove techno and deep techno lovers alike, but SUB CULT quality Techno all around.

EP Supported By:

Aka Carl, Cristian Varela, Glenn Wilson, Anderson Noise, D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Bryan Kearney, Du Art, Pascal FEOS, Marko Nastic, Ortin Cam, Stanny Franssen, Veztax, Peppelino, Paula Cazenave, Markus Schulz, Ogi, Jon The Dentist, Dualitik, Alexi Delano, Almir Ljusa, Balthazar + Jackrock, Kev D, Distek, G8, GamuT, Rydel, The Technicians, Wyrus, ZK, Thomas Will, Mario Montero, A.P., leksandar Petkov, Alex Jockey, Alexey Kotlyar, Audio Dolls, Bitch Bros, Darren Gerhold (Galaxy fm), DJ CTX, DJ Gumja, DJ Steve Butch Jones, Eddie Neal, Fuma Funky, House Husbands, Jack Wax, Peat Noise, Will Rees, Trick C, James Barge, John Rowe, KN, Logan Hudak, Mark Rey, Miss Kosmix, Norman Quarill Andretti,