Three tracks by Datamatrix on the Special Series 15 from SUB CULT. “Loud Frequency” is a deep and hypnotic techno-groove with excellent vocals spread out throughout the track, and a hihat that really gets your head banging. “Creation of Your Mind” is more quirky, but nonetheless sports a slamming kick and well-timed breakdowns. Last up is “Your Time”, equally quirky with a slow and steady build, but really gets you going when it kicks in. Creative and forward-thinking techno, worth taking the time to check out completely!

EP Supported By:
Aka Carl, Cristian Varela, Anderson Noise, Reaky, Pascal Feos, Pedro Delgardo, Peppelino, Ogi, Chicago Loop, Marcello Perri, DJ Link, Distek, GamuT, Jon The Dentist, Paul Langley, Paul Langley, Emmerick Gortz , Paulo AV, Alan Gretsch, Larix, G8, Wyrus, DJ CTX, Alexey Kotlyar, Markus Schulz, Jack Wax, Rydel, John Rowe, Miss Kosmix, DJ Phabian, Paula Cazenave, Mark Rey, Louk, Chris Collins, Paul Begge, Matteo Pitton,