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Aka Carl

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SUB CULT EP073 features Aka Carl, back with “This Sound”, a techno-banger sporting a rolling bass-line and an atmospheric breakdown leading up to an acid-driven climax. On remix-duty is the Canadian techno-legend Ben Metcalf, known for heavy-hitters such as “That Fuct Camera” & “Needle Damage”, who presents us with a more uplifting take on the original. Heavy on the rides his remix keeps rising, efficiently dropping into the flowing synth-parts. Welcome to SUB CULT Techno.

EP Support By:
Pascal Feos (Germany) , Joseph Capriati (Italy), Paco Osuna (Spain), Patrick DSP (Germany), CINEXIN (Spain), Distek, Dj Elite/Ben Metcalf (Canada), Mark EG, Rydel, Sonico (Luis Vargas), Toma Hawk (Switzerland), Alan Gretsch, DJ Ogi (Croatia), Dr. Motte, Jerome Keys, JKC (Iran), Miquel (Czech Republic ), Pete Morton [Harderfaster], Sven Bass Lovers (Germany), Brian Cheetham (Global Dance Session), Jon Connor (United Kingdom), Jon The Dentist (United Kingdom), Mr Spring [2FM], Paulo AV (Mexico, Canada), Ray Marshall (UK), Andy BSK (Germany), Davey Asprey (United Kingdom), Jay Tommy (UK), John Rowe (United Kingdom), Mark Neenan (United Kingdom), Rectoor (Bosnia), Wyrus, Dezz (Kuala Lumpur), Nick Shaq,

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Aka Carl

Aka Carl

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    SUB CULT Podcast 39 – JKC

    01/09/2020  /  JKC

    JKC – Serius (Original Mix) Raxon – Orbit (Original Mix) Dysart – Boombox (2000 And One Remix) victor ruiz – illusions Jones_&_Stephenson_The_First_Rebirth_Reinier_Zonneveld_Remix LAAT – Fight The Real (Original Mix) Dimi Mechero – Local Knowledge (Original Mix) Stiv Hey – Engage (Original Mix) ANNA – Where Are You Now (Original Mix) Teenage Mutants, Twin Mix Trip […]

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