Originating from Germany Trick-C’s musical career started as a small infant when her parents played music through headphones to send her to sleep; she first discovered electronic music in 1991 after she got her hands on her first mix tape. Her career took its first steps after she cultivated the hills around her hometown with new her new techno beats! Following her move to Ljubljana her network of peers and supporters has grown exponentially. She has made a name for herself as a promoter putting on nights called ‘Urban Divas’, providing dance floors across Europe with that additional female touch. It’s no wonder that she has earned herself the title of “The first lady of Slovenian electronic music”

Trick-C frequently appears in the media in Slovenia, having featured in pages and covers of Story Magazine, Nika magazine, Vestnik and Cosmopolitan and has been interviewed for a number of radio shows, web portals and web magazines! After nearly two decades of playing clubs and festivals both home and abroad she has played alongside many renowned artists such as Umek, Veztax, Mistress Barbara, Joel Muel and Misjah.

The past few years has seen Trick-C devoting her time to producing her own music. Her main focus is to try and write her own musical story and not give in to modern trends! Her first track ‘DeTour’ was signed and released by Slovenian techno label Vezotonik in 2009 and from there she has released on internationally renowned labels such as Soul Access, SUB CULT and Glorio Music.

Addicted to genuine techno, Trick-C writes her musical story by reaching for something deeper and intimate. She delivers emotions in time and space and invites every person to interpret them in any way they want. Parallel to her techno projects she works her partner ‘’Point’ aka ‘Dante Benami’ to form the group ‘Future Lovers’; their music is based around the styles in the 90’s the same time that these two musical lovers met.

Expect serious, yet fun, driving, funky and tribal beats when listening to the act known as Trick-C!