Special Series are back and so is our Slovenian mate – G8 with two tracks for your collection.

Deadfall(s) in the darker realm pinned down by the quarter bass notes that immediately get things going in an overdrive direction. Spliced with proggy FX inserts buzzing around relentlessly, some acid hooks join the party and the stereo image gets busier by every bar, whilst stab vocals manage to ground the frequencies back to the stability of the dancefloor. Definite eclectic drive of all sorts of studio prowess.

The second tune brings a similar dance Desire, yet with a more familiar G8 structure. Breaking percs, chopped vox and dirty gritty cords come into play every so often to keep peaking your interest, until the breakdown dwells deeper with an analogue pad released all around the spectrum. Progression in a layered fashion, the tune nicely marches on the edge of tech-trance and comes back around to its rhythmic core and melancholy feel, perfect for those small hours or closing up your set.

EP Supported By: Aka Carl, ARMYSTRIAL, A.P., Brain Cheetham, Carl Shorts, DJ Ogi, joseph capriati, Luigi Madonna, Pascal Feos, Rick Dyno, Veztax, Jon The Dentist, Nick Shaq, Paulo AV, The Technicians, John Rowe…