My Voice

Rick Dyno


SUB CULT Special Series series brings you a spring record with none other than our veteran cultist – Rick Dyno.

His voice is heard clearly and recognised instantly in the opening track My Voice, which growls in a steady four to the floor, anticipating the development of dance elements. Several filtered and FX-ed stabs & chops of vocal bits start flying in and accentuate the flow of the track, while being underlined with a couple of synthy hooks to produce a solid, yet special groove.

The New Me makes a different turn into darker & harder territory, still branding some chopped vox work, while eerie pads set the mood for the tune. Branding frantic hats and a chord of those sweet old off-set analogue hits, the track moves around effortlessly and will surely move the bodies on the floor as well. Dynomite!

Supported By (Thanks): ARMYSTRIA, Joseph Capriati (Italy), Paulo AV (Mexico, Canada), Veztax (Slovenia), Aka Carl (United Kingdom), Christopher Lawrence (USA), Denzo (USA), Disscut (Germany), G8 (Slovenia), Les Hemstock (United Kingdom), Marcos Gerges, Miquel (Czech Republic ), Alan Gretsch, Canuso (Switzerland), Carl Shorts (United Kingdom), Davey Asprey (United Kingdom), DJ 19 (Japan), DJ Robert G (Germany), Filipe Barbosa (Portugal), Johan (, Jon Connor (United Kingdom), KN (Japan), Manuel Le Saux (Rome), Mark Greene (United Kingdom), Mirko Antico MK_A (Italy), Nick Shaq, Olivier Fx (France ), Andy BSK, Brian Cheetham (Global Dance Session), Brian Gros, CINEXIN (Spain), Dezz (Kuala Lumpur), DJ Jiggy (Portugal), DJ Suzy Solar (Tampa, United States), Dowdzwell (United Kingdom), Markantonio (Italy), Neil Moore (Club Culture), Rectoor (Bosnia), Sven Bass Lovers (Germany), ZK (Japan)