Julian Luken & Armando Araiza

  • Midnight

    Julian Luken, Armando Araiza

  • Sunset

    Julian Luken, Armando Araiza

Julian Luken and Armando Araiza teamed up for the 30th edition of the Sub Cult Special Series, and they delivered an awesome two-track EP that combines solid techno grooves with uplifting melodies. “Midnight” is the main track, with a hypnotic arp building up and filtering out to an epic synth-filled breakdown. “Sunset” is up next, which has a more chilled vibe to it, with oldschool synth-stabs gathering slowly over a string-fuelled break. Melodic, progressive and techno: a killer combination.

EP Support By: Luigi Madonna, Joe Mesmar, Paco Osuna, ARMYSTRIAL, Nick Shaq, DJ Ogi, GamuT, Paulo AV, Ray Marshall….