Influenced by the late 80s electronic scene, Rydel first took to the decks’ in 1994 and has been DJing ever since. During this time he has played a huge variety of electronic music ranging from Hard Dance to House and Techno and many styles in-between. His skills with a mixer and ability to engage with and excite the crowd have seen him play all over Europe.

Inspired by the Techno scene in Slovenia, Rydel started to play it himself in the year 2000 and 4 years later he moved from Amsterdam to Ljubljana to pursue a career in Techno. Don’t expect any set to be limited to just one style, as he doesn’t believe in playing to a specific genre; New, Old, Commercial, Uplifiting, Pounding, Floating, Euphoric or deep… It’s all a matter of time, place and people for Rydel. His productions follow the same philosophy and so his tracks can be played in various styled sets.

His first releases were on Krach Records, FRR, and Taigatrommel to name but a few. Rydel has teamed up with many different artists along the way working along side D-Oxid on techno productions and Chuanse with their label DDance-Records.

DDance-Records represents all styles of electronic music from a variety of up and coming producers across the globe and saw its first release in the summer of 2007.

2010 saw the launch of NWOrec a collective of music industry professionals set out on a mission to provide the listeners with quality music and guide/support artists with profesional services. After joining forces with this ambitious team, Rydel and NWOrec
have quickly gained ground in the electronic dance music scene with a series of strong releases and remixes.

You can find Rydel’s productions and remixes on various labels, including RELDZ, Sub Cult, Sound Evolution and various other Labels.