GamuT SUB CULT Techno


Born in the musical family where everything was submission to audio, he naturally started to attend music elementary school at the tender age of 7, choosing drums&percussions as his instrument of expression… Later, as electronica became his true calling and mixing began to evolve, so did his music production which continues to this very moment.

*Always divided between the hard&energetic part of his soul that represents techno (as GamuT), and the deep& metaphysique part which represents his love for progressive house (as GmT), he is constantly trying to fuse the two in something fresh and unique.

*In 2011 he started his new project called GmT (Great Metaphysical Tendencies). Based on slower styles & bpms, from house to progressive house, this concept is separated from the GamuT techno realm with the idea to submerge further into audio subconsciousness.

*His tracks are supported by the likes of Paco Osuna, Nick Warren, Pedro Delgardo, Ferry Corsten, Tydi, Phntm, Umek, Reaky, Veztax, Woody McBride, Aka Carl and many more…
*Labels: Bonzai Progressive, Neptuun City, Subcult, Moop Up, Capital Techno, Inter Tech, Vezotonik, Urban Kickz and many more…